Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Beethoven Soul

Here's a far out record from '67 or '68 (?) by the Beethoven Soul. I really can't find any info on this group, but this disc is cooooool. Kind of garage-ish stuff mixed with classical elements like flute, violin and lots of harpsichord. At times the singer has a little Roger Daltry in his voice, raspy and cool. Have to here this for sure, a real lost gem I think. Anyways here tis, in mono by the way cuz thats what my copy is, not stereo like in the picture. If you have any info on this group let me know!

01 the walls are high
02 walkin' through the streets of my mind
03 a violent crime
04 the price is high
05 all those little things
06 she won't see the light
07 new york's my home
08 dreams
09 good time gal
10 hey george
11 beggin' your pardon m'lady




julioxo said...

Thanks for the music101056

ge said...

yes it's high quality material--cut 6 has been comp'd,= quasi-hit, good & hooky

toosunny said...

Hey, was just looking around for this band. The drummer was my dad. If you know where I can get these albums, or at least a copy that would be great!

aldo said...

just listened to this one once...nothing out of this world but some interesting moments, will play it again!
i recognized track 6 immediately...and it's right, i knew it through a comp too, but by a UK obscure band called Hamlet (see FADING YELLOW vol 1), will this be a cover then?

bobbyb said...

Was very surprised by the quality of this album. Wonderful melodic arrangements. Good songs. Never gets over indulgent.

Thanks lots

Jessica said...

I don't know who wrote that the drummer WAS their dad, but the drummer IS my dad. Tom Nuesca is his name. I was excited to see this!!! He will be happy when I show this to him!!

Anonymous said...

PRODUCED BY JAMES GRIFFIN (who co-wrote some of the songs) just before he linked up with David Gates and founded 'BREAD'


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