Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Leonard Nimoy "The Way I Feel"

Here's a little oddity I found at a Salvation Army a while back. Leonard Nimoy was better known as TV's Spock from Star Trek, if you didn't already know that. This is a interesting listen, a little square at times, but fun. The first track is beautiful in my opinion. And there are a couple insightful narratives on love and the "answer" as well.
Often put off as a novelty, Nimoy's music has some intriguing qualities to it. I personally dig it a lot, hope you will too.

01 i love making love to you
02 please don't try to change my mind
03 sunny
04 where it's at
05 both sides now
06 if i had a hammer
07 here we go 'round again
08 billy don't play the banjo anymore
09 it's getting better
10 consilium
11 love is sweeter
12 the hitch-hiker




Stella said...


Thank you for this !
I like Mr Nimoy and his voice.
This made my day (:

MrC said...

cool .. i've been wanting to hear this!

Anonymous said...

OMG....Thank you for this find!

little billy sunshine said...

stunning blog!

Anonymous said...

A whole download, but then an empty folder after expanding ! Tried it various times with various rar files of yours ... e.g. this Nimoy rar file. Could you please check your files ?

carlo said...

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