Monday, November 27, 2006

Forgotten 45's: The Solid State

Here's a record by a group called The Solid State I've had since I was a kid. I got it in a box of 45's that belonged to my grandma, but I have no info about it or the band, nor can I find any. A really great psych/hard band sound on the A side "Suppose They Gave A War (And Nobody Came!)", an anti-war statement very relevent even today. The B side "Life's Confusion" is softer and features a different, more nasaly vocalist, and is more introspective. Both tunes utilize the then fairly new Wah-Wah pedal to full effect, in almost similar riffs. The label places this as being recorded in Flint, MI, close to my area, the year unknown I would guestimate as being somewhere between '68-'71, just judging by the sound and subject matter alone. A really great record and worth a listen for sure. When I first discovered it I played it to no end!

Jesse Smith: Vocals side A, Doil Smith: Vocals side B
Recorded by Bill Lamb Productions Flint, MI




Anonymous said...

can't get to work...with osx get rar format error..same with nico's... anybody else have same problem?

Jonathan said...

I'm a Michigan native now living in California who just stumbled upon your blog while looking for "The Music Machine."
I'm not sure if you still maintain the site as many of the posts are a few months old by now, but I dig your taste in music.
This record caught my eye. I had another version of this that I put on a cassette mix some years back. I think it was by the West Coast Pop-Art Experiment, but I'm not sure about that.
Very cool that another version was made by musicians in Flint.

Mike said...

The 45 that you found in the box happens to be my dad and uncle. My dad Jesse Smith and uncle Doil Smith
are the two singers. My dad sang the
song "Suppose they gave a war". My uncle sang "Life's confusion "

jesse said...

My son informed me about seeing this. We recorded this record in Flint Mi. in 1971. I had just purchased a vox cry-baby wah wah and fell in love with it. Over-used it a little. The song got little play and sold only a few copies. There is a possibility that I know whoever had the record.

phoneyfresh said...

Wow Thanks for responding guys! Jesse, your vocals and guitar are awesome! Great record. My grandma's name was Eileen Northrop and later Eileen Vacek, from Owosso, MI. I don't know where she got the record. I'm very interested in knowing if you did any other singles or possibly an album, I'd love to hear it! Do you have any pics of the band? Thanks again for responding it makes me excited to hear from you!

jesse said...

I'll look for a photo, it's been awhile; maybe ! That recording is the only one we did. You posting info about it was neat, and truly unexpected. The band stayed together for a few years after the recording, but no further recording. Once before I got an inquiry about the group for a documentry of some sort, but you posting info was nice and brought back memories. Thanks

aldo said...

Haven't heard this one...i was reading the interesting comments cool that something so obscure got a reply from one of the actual members of the band!
judging by the title this is a cover of a WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND song, found on their second LP.
The kind of band that you will like if you don't know them already...

aldo said...

hey, i just played the but it is NOT the same song as by the WCPAEB!
Even the title is slightly different...the other being:
"Suppose they GIVE a war and NO ONE COMES", still i guess that was the inspiration...

Anonymous said...

Suppsoe they gave a war was my friends and I anthem in 1970 protesting the war in high school, we never knew who did this song we only heard it once but we tried to memorize it,can I gat a download somewheres???
who's the publisher, I'd love to do this song over plzzzzzz
kennyb/Bear Swamp Studios


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