Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Glitterhouse "Color Blind"

Great psychedelic pop from 1968, with lush production from Bob Crewe. A great album that has yet to be remastered in CD form (although it is available on a compilation that includes most of the bands work, it is only recorded from a vinyl copy). If you've ever seen "Barbarella" you'd remember this group for doing the title theme ("Barbarella, psychedella.........")

The original liner notes from the Glitterhouse's "Color Blind" album, written by then popular NYC FM radio jock, Rosko:

I was a vacuum - I smelled a rose - that vacuum was filled. I was a vacuum - I saw a child - that vacuum was filled I was a vacuum - I touched my love - that vacuum was filled. I was a vacuum - I heard music - "The Glitterhouse" - expressing extensions of everything we feel; extensions of what we are - the reward of what we could be; .....new dimensions of the folly and heroics of society; of fickle lady justice and the long nights she capriciously gives injustice a lay;.....extensions of words set to music effecting a union so complete that it becomes music set to words. I heard music - "The Glitterhouse" - and my vacuum was filled...listen and fill your vacuum. - ROSKO- WNEW-FM New York 1968

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akashaman said...

cool LP : been seeking this on ebay for a good time now , w/ no luck :

thansk much for posting this one !


Anonymous said...

so it has crackles, heck before the digital age in my college days, i filled my dorm w/ tons of used records that were listenable, but not pristine, but the music mattered. i never heard of this but its wonderful stuff.
very nice

sub_commandante_marcos said...

Thanks for this, you have a lot of great music on your blog!
Cheers!! - SCM

ge said...


antonil├│pez said...

The Glitterhouse is a very best band, the song Tinkerbel´s... is a beatiful melody. (sorry for my english speak.) visited you my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million...Had an original LP with a crack in the first track..Used it on the sir in FM and AFRTS for years till it finally disintergrated!!!

You have provided a public service by posting this and my listeners will appreciate it a lot as do I...

Incidentally Bob Crew recordded the group at a small studio in NYC called Sound Center on 47th Street and 8th Avenue... My best friend at the time worked there as his dad owned the place!! spent a lot of time there growing up and had a ball....Why i still love the 60s today at 58!!

Mike Hendryx


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