Monday, November 27, 2006

Michael Hurley and Pals "Armchair Boogie"

In a way this is Michael Hurly's debut album. He had recorded an album for Folkways in 1965, but didn't return again for a few years, laying low and writing songs for the Youngbloods and others. In 1971 he signed with the Youngbloods' Racccoon label and recorded this great album with their lead Jesse Colin Young producing and playing on a couple tracks. An all around charming, warm album. Humorous and strange at times but very easy. Sound like it was recorded in a small room (I think it was), adding to it's hominess. The record includes a large comic book following the antics of two hick wolves, Jocko and Boone and is hilarious. Ripped from vinyl, Check it out!

1. The Werewolf
2. Grand Canyon Line
3. English Noblemen
4. Be Kind To Me
5. Troubled Waters
6. Red Ravagers Reel
7. Sweedeedee
8. Open Up
9. Jocko's Lament
10. Light Green Fellow
11. Get The Best Of Me
12. Biscuit Roller
13. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
14. Penguins



bbq bod said...


Pedro said...

Just read this article then found your download. Enjoy:

kami said...

heard a lot about this fella but never seen any of his work around... thanks mate this is purty sweelt

Anonymous said...

than you!

Anonymous said...

thanK you... :-)

Anonymous said...

just got the Mississippi reissue, thanks for the post!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this.
Havn't come acros this album before, am looking forward to listening to it

Anonymous said...

Album is very reminiscent of woody guthrie and very early dylan. pretty much a must have. promise you'll love it if you like folk.

miles said...

some very nice shares here. i admire your taste. thank you.


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