Monday, November 27, 2006

Forgotten 45's : The Lake Valley Four

Here's an intriguing little artifact I picked up some time ago at an antique shop. I got two 45's and a promo photo of this band the Lake Valley Four. The back of the photo has this inscription: "Free picture with record. The Lake Valley Four back in the 70's years." Most likely very early 70's or even late 60's I'm thinking. Not sure where Lake Valley is, might be in Michigan, where I'm from, or might not be a town at all. But anywhoo this is an interesting listen. The female singer has a strange voice not unlike that of Peewee Herman or maybe Dylan in his country phase. The band isn't that great and the records are a little scratchy but I just think it's a pretty cool little find! My personal fave is their take on 'Everybody's Talkin".

Update: Since posting this on my old blog, Mark from Canton, Mi has given me some some usefull info on this group! Thanks Mark!

mark said...
I've seen this group many times! The Lake Valley 4 used to perform at a campground "Fitchburg Wilderness Park" near Stockbridge, Michigan every Sturday night. It must've been 1972-1974. The members, if my memory suits me, where" Jim Libey on guitar, Cindy Gadbury on vocals, Sue Libey on drums and Harold ____? on accordian. They performed country and soft pop for the campground crowd. I actually purchased their 45 with an original "Lonely Star". I think I forked over 50 cents for it. Boy! Did your post bring back an old memory!!! -Mark, Canton, MI

Disc One LV105: A) Gentle on my mind B) Everybody's talkin'
Disc Two LV106: A) Shoeshine man B) How do you mend a broken heart


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Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a small world! My parents owned Fitchburg Wilderness Park during the time the Lake Valley Four played there. I was 15-17 years old. They actually played there in 1969-1971. I dated Jim Libey during that time. Jim went on to be a back up singer and guitar player for TG Shepard, who was a semi popular country western singer in the early 70's. I lost contact with Jim after the mid 70's.

Wow! This has brought back some fun memories of growing up in rural Michigan in the 60's.


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