Friday, November 17, 2006

Marr'Del "The Mystery of Love"

"My music and poetry is an attempt to move you into the depths of your heart... beyond the thinking mind... deep into the flow of Love that is the Godstuff of which you are made... and when that happens, you will never be the same."-- Marr'Del, from the liner notes

This is it -- the notoriously unknown 1979 Ohio folk-psych classic The Mystery of Love by Marr'Del. Each side features three tracks that are slow, quiet, dreamy and sparse; 'Psalm to the Sun' and 'Lavender Thunder' with guitar, the other four dialogues or monologues with autoharp accompaniment. Atmospheric nature recordings pepper the album, but every other sound comes from Marr'Del herself. (As she wrote to me, "I had no musical training, was completely self-taught on the guitars and harp, and I just let it happen. I guess that's good we don't know the complexities of some of the things we accomplish, or we would never undertake the project/situation.") This is an incredibly brave and moving record that will enchant some and embarrass others in its spiritual intensity.

The Mystery of Love MSP-3001, 1979
1. Maria (12:18)
2. Butterfly Friend (4:54)
3. Psalm To The Sun (6:46)
4. Celestial Cathedral (7:43)
5. Lavender Thunder (4:29)
6. I Want To Be A Wave (4:18)

Thanks to for this great find.

Link here to download the tracks individually and read more.



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